AK47Up 100mg Cannabis Distillate Lemon Lime Soda

Ok I don't know if you remember this, but 7-Up had a motto, "Never had it Never Will." Looks like now it HAS it! AK-47 Up is infused 7-up with distillate. No caffeine, but definitely some premium medication!

Coca Kush One 100 mg Cola

It's Coca Cola infused with distillate! Ice cold and ready to drink, this cola is refreshing and medicated to boot!

Coca Kush Zero 100 mg Cola

Zero Calorie Coke infused with pure distillate. Some people gotta watch their sugar and this is one way to do it! Or maybe it will let you eat the cookie on the bag without feeling guilty, either way, this medicated drink is the bomb!

Dr Cannabis Cola 100 mg

An old favorite Dr. Pepper Soda infused with pure distillate. When I was in High School, Nicki Ball and I would drink the hell out of Dr. Pepper and eat Pinwheels (those marshmallow chocolate cookie things) until we were flying high on sugar. Now you can do it even better with this infused Dr. Pepper. If I'm a Pepper, than wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?

Fantastic Kush Grape Soda 100 mg

Grape Fanta soda infused with cannabis distillate. I used to go to the municipal pool in Coronado as a kid. I would grub .50 cents from anyone I could to get my hands on a Grape Fanta from the vending machine. That stuff was good, and still is, only now it's better because it's medicated!

FantaStick Orange Cannabis Soda 100mg

Orange Fanta soda infused with cannabis distillate. Remember that time when you were a little kid and you were only allowed orange soda? Well I do, this will take you right back there in a serious way. Go easy though, this is medicated!

FantaStick Strawberry Soda 100 mg

Strawberry Fanta soda infused with cannabis distillate will remind you of being a kid sitting around the pool or just hanging with friends.

Gorilla Glue Dew Soda 100 mg

If you're going to dew it, might as well dew it right! This distillate infused Mountain Dew will keep you going!

KW Rootbeer Soda 100mg

There's no better way to enjoy a hot day than with an old favorite! K&W root beer is infused with cannabis distillate. Share it over ice with a friend or even better, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Kush Bull Energy Cannabis Drink 100 mg

Your favorite Bull energy drink infused with pure distillate. Ice cold and ready to go, grab it now for a fun night out!

KushRite Lemon Lime Soda 100 mg

Lemon Lime soda infused with clear distillate. Enjoy ice cold on a hot day, no caffeine, just pure delicious kush distillate infused soda.

Kushy Cola Max 100 mg

Pepsi Max soda infused with cannabis distillate. An old time favorite meant to be enjoyed ice cold and maybe with a friend

Kushy Cola 100 mg

Pepsi soda infused with cannabis distillate. Kick back with this ice cold soda and enjoy a hot summer day. Take the Pepsi challenge today! I challenge you.

Weedster Low Carb Energy Drink 100 mg

Blue Monster Energy Drink infused with clear distillate.

Weedster Energy Drink 100 mg

Monster energy drink infused with clear distillate.

Simply Kush Fruit Punch 100 mg

Simply Kush Fruit punch is made with clear distillate for a potent potion.

Simply Kush Lemonade 100 mg

Simply Kush Lemonade is infused with clear distillate

Simply Kush Raspberry Lemonade 100 mg

Simply Kush Raspberry Lemonade infused with clear distillate is a potent punch!