Blue Dream Trim/Shake/Some Nugs

We got this trim/shake/nugs from Sticky Farms and thought "what will our shake buyers think of this?" We talked about it for a good hour, then we smoked it. It's a smooth tasty smoke, leaving a blue taste on the palate. Within 2-3 minutes we were all baked, I mean we are professional smokers, and we were buh-aked. Mind you we each took a small bong load. The point? You may think it looks like just trim, but this is the trim from the exclusive Blue Dream flower we carry and the high is really not too different. ENJOY! (we can grind it for you just ask)

$50 oz Hybrid House Shake

Zoinks! House Hybrid mix shake smells like citrus, lavender, and pine, loaded with dusty trichombs. This is not trim and has no sticks, just perfect shake and some tiny nugs. This a truly fine smoking experience, The shake is a combo of sativa and indica strains. Perfect for rolling

Zoinks House Shake Blend Nuggy

Welcome to Zoinks! House Blend Shake. Loaded with tasty stony nugs big and small, there's a hybrid mix of Chiesel, AK-47, Gelato Cookies, and D2.