Candy Cane Chillum 3

Candy Cane 3" Chillum (random color selected for you)

7 in Banger Hanger Beaker Concentrate Pipe Rig

This glass concentrate pipe has a simple borosilicate beaker design with a diffused downstem. The Banger Hanger Beaker Concentrate Pipe features an assorted fun color mouthpiece and bent neck that doubles as a splash guard. To top it off, a quartz banger is included with purchase.

5.5 inch 4 Dot Showerhead Oil Rig 14mm

The 5.5” 4 Dot Showerhead Oil Rig provides you with a highly affordable dabbing solution that keeps the quality high. Top notch borosilicate glass is fashioned into a simple, yet reliable wax rig with a stable, supportive base. The mouthpiece of this dab rig pivots at an angle for your comfort. Four dots run the length of the body adding a smart, subtle touch to the concentrate pipe’s overall aesthetic. A 14mm glass nail is included. Height: 5.5" inches Size: 14mm Material: Glass Style: 4 Dot Type: Concentrate pipe Color: Black

Candy Cane Small Glass Pipe 2-3

Multi-colored small glass pipe (random color selected for you).

High Hemp Organic Hemp Wraps or Box of 25 for 30

Since you’re smoking the best, why not make sure you’re rolling it up with the best? These High Hemp Organic Hemp Wraps are a healthy alternative to the other wraps on the market. Free from GMO contamination, this all-natural rolling solution is fully comprised of 100% organic hemp. You also don’t risk compromising your vegan diet when you’re using these wraps! A filter tip is included for ease of use and convenience. (2 WRAPS PER PACK)

High Hemp MauiMango Wraps

Maui Mango Flavor! High Hemp Organic Wraps is the first ever Hemp Herbal Wrap, made from sustainably grown european hemp. Imported from the Netherlands, this is the best alternative to all the harsh toxic ingredients used in traditional wraps today. You have the smooth taste of traditional hemp rolling paper, but the even slow burn of traditional tobacco wraps. We offer our clients the best of both worlds with our patent pending formula. High Hemp Organic Wraps is certified organic, tobacco free, and GMO free hemp, giving our paper some of the highest purity ratings in the market today! We have tested positive for low dosages of CBD, making our paper first of its kind!

High Hemp Organic Wraps Grape Ape

These High Hemp Organic Wraps infuse your smoking experience with the rich and tangy flavor of grape. These 100% organic hemp wraps are free from GMOs and completely vegan for an all-natural smoking experience. Each of these high quality blunt wraps includes a filter tip for extra smooth smoke and added reinforcement. When you’re rolling up, nothing but the purest, most natural wraps will do!

High Hemp Organic Hemp Wraps - Honey Pot

If you want to take your blunts to another level, albeit a healthier one, try these Honey Pot Swirl High Hemp Organic Wraps. These vegan friendly 100% organic blunt wraps are crafted right in the heart of Amsterdam. They’re free from toxic ingredients such as GMOs and tobacco, allowing you a truly pure puffing experience. The honey kissed scent also adds further sweetness to your smoking sessions.

RAW Organic Hemp 1 1/4

RAW 1 1/4" Rolling Papers are the #1 choice for a natural vegan / Eco-friendly alternative to pure hemp papers. Unlike anything you have ever smoked before, RAW provides you with chlorine free papers made from a hybrid blend of unbleached fibers. Look for RAW's uniquely designed watermark on each paper that helps prevent runs and maintains a smooth even-burn that RAW is famous for.

RAW Rolling Paper Tips

RAW Rolling Paper Tips are Unrefined are a high quality tips from the makers of the RAW rolling paper line. Raw Tips are made with the same 100% vegan papers. The benefit of Raw Rolling Paper tips were ti designed to create perfect airflow and filtration.

Raw Hemp Wick 3.3m

This hemp wick from RAW is 1 meter long (or 3.3 Feet) and is a great addition for your smoking session. It is all natural hemp coated in beeswax and is a great way to safely and conservatively enjoy your tobacco and various dry herbs.

Clear Eyes Handy Pack

Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops relieves redness and irritation to the eye. Lubricant, Soothes and Moisturizes. Up to 8 hours of soothing comfort. A sterile buffered solution.

Metal Grinder with Catcher 57mm

Equipped with multiple sharp diamond teeth designed for shredding dry herb, this grinder measures 57mm in diameter and comes with a bottom chamber for sorting excess keif after grinding. Once disassembled, the metal grinder can be easily cleaned using either water or 420 cleaning solution and a brush. Size: 57mm Material: Metal Diamond teeth 4 Piece grinder

Scorch Torch Black Grip Jet Torch 5.5

This powerful torch brought to you by Scorch Torch features a tactical black grip handle to light all of your concentrates and cigars. This was designed to withstand heavy use and stand up on its own after heating up your bowls and domes. Powerful, durable, great for concentrate, all at a great price to make it a perfect high margin product for your store. Height: 5.5" inches Up to 2730 degrees Butane power Scorch torch

Scorch Torch Medium Cigar Lighter 5.5 inch

This Scorch Torch measuring at 5.5" inches is perfect for personal and home use for cigars or concentrates. With its adjustable yet powerful flame, you will have no trouble heating up anything quickly and evenly. The quality of the Scorch Torch will make this is the last torch you will ever need. Guaranteed to impress anyone on any occasion. Length: 5.5" inches Up to 2730 degrees Refillable torch Scorch torch

7.5 inch Vortex Mini Lantern Concentrate Pipe

Take a hit from the Mini Lantern Concentrate Pipe to watch a beautiful vortex of smoke and water swirl around the top chamber. This small rig has an eye-catching shape and includes a quartz banger. Plus, the bent mouthpiece doubles as a splash guard to keep water in the piece and not your mouth.

6.5 inch Waxmaid Beaker Concentrate Pipe Rasta

This platinum cured, beaker-shaped, silicone concentrate pipe by Waxmaid is the perfect piece for parties! This unbreakable rig is portable, features a magnetic dab tool holder (tool not included) and includes a quartz banger. The suction cup bottom makes this dab rig more sturdy and nearly impossible to knock over. The rig separates into 2 pieces for easy cleaning and storage.

USA 3 in Assorted GRAV Labs Concentrate Taster

Sometimes you just need a taste to keep you going which is where the ultra-convenient 3” GRAV Labs Concentrate Taster comes in. Ideal for festivals, parties, camping, and other activities where portability is vital, this 3” micro dab pipe lets you take mini dab hits without breaking your stride. Made in the U.S.A. by the ever-reliable GRAV Labs, these inconspicuous wax pipes are crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate. They also come in a vast assortment of inspiring colors, adding character to their outstanding utility. Length: 3" inches Material: Glass Style: Concentrate taster Type: Concentrate pipe Color: Assorted Made in the USA

Formula 420 Original Cleaner 12 oz

Formula 420 for Pyrex, Glass, Metal and Ceramic is the original complete 1 minute cleaner. Our exclusive AbrasivAction™ technology eliminates the need for soaking and scrubbing. Simply Shake, Rinse and Enjoy!™ Hassle Free Easy to Use Non-Toxic* Biodegradable Cleans and Deodorizes In Seconds Glass, Metal, Pyrex and Ceramic Surfaces Only.


Benefits: • This premixed laboratory urine uses genuine urea to achieve an inscrutable level of authenticity. • Both genders can benefit equally from the use of this faux urine. • Made in the USA